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A general guide how cultivating corn hasi 60 times

Cultivation of corn plants very clearly, given this plant is the staple crop in some areas in Indonesia. For the cultivation of the plants was not difficult if we are planting in the garden. Fruit consumption of corn almost anyone ever felt it, processed fruit is an awful lot like making jasuke (corn soy milk) and other processed types. If you want to create them in your place, there are several techniques in order for aquaculture are you using more fruit a lot.

For cultivation and techniques you can apply to other corn plantings. Why not? Corn just different varieties alone although there are multiple ways it might be not far, suppose you'll plant sweet corn, baby corn, corn corn corn hybrids, colorful, corn maize and type 2 bisi others. I don't like rambling in the explanation, however, you must understand it. How I will explain in this article is complete if only slightly? This article is a bit long so let's get started.

Choose Variety (Seed Corn)
In the world of agriculture is not loose in the selection of varieties. The good news is you don't have to bother anymore to create or select the desired seedlings. You can get a good seed in the nearby farm shops, they provided the seeds as the seeds of hybrid type, sweet corn and other seed types. You can also order a corn seed to local farmers or agricultural store online. Calculate the needs of seed you need.

Sporting grounds and Clear Weeds on land.
Land is a requirement that should be noticed in the cultivation of corn, it is decisive in the growth of the maize we are planting. Make sure your soil will be planted with corn must be really fertile and contain a lot of nutrient elements. Corn belongs on plants that don't fret they could in planting at the land of andosol, latosol or grumosol and other types of land. the appropriate pH for corn 5.6 – 7.5. Make sure that there is some ground around the US are met, and if you are new to open land hence fertilizers and land we have to do first. View used to be the fertility of the soil you have if in a sense is indeed deficient nutrient elements and there is no humus, I recommend that when you make a dike wall throw manure on land distribution.

Planting corn in Dryland
I think you've got superior varieties and seed cultivation have already done. The most suitable conditions for growing corn on soil conditions are moist, not too dry and not too muddy. Local farmers usually use trunks between 100 cm x 40 cm and 2 seeds on one hole for planting. For the depth of his planting holes you could use 3 – 5 cm.

Give your fertilizer to plant corn
The first few sections we will give on fertilizing plants corn base fertilisers, i.e. usually given basic fertilizer-organic fertilizers such as manure, compost and other organic fertilizer type. Then plant your corn will absorb some of the elements needed for them to grow big, these elements such as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium are much needed in the phase of growth and later when at the time of conception.

Keep the Corn to harvest
This stage is indeed a little proud and you might be a bit of a smile because corn you grow with lush. In the process of beginning the seed already provided food on sprouts, and after growing up and by the time these plants toward growing up they rely heavily on the food available on land. Not only that the corn crops also could be stricken with pests of crops and may be a little troublesome when you plant it.

Finally, the age also harvest maize plant we will harvest usually depends on the consumer. If you are targeting for the type of baby corn and corn or feed or even for consumption please select for harvesting. Usually this plant can be brought forth on the flowering age leading up to it you have to have a target to want what made your corn. I recommend that you do not overcook the harvesting, if this is the case then a lot of seeds will be damaged.

Another thing that you can do that is by checking the maturity of corn seeds, Peel only semple. Do corn stripping by looking at the seeds only if it is reasonably fit and desired by you, then you can do the harvesting.

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