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How To Plant Hybrid Maize Cultivation

Planting/cultivation of maize hybrids, corn plants (Zea Mays SSP. may) is the kind of important food crops of the world that produces the carbohydrate other than wheat and rice. The corn crop is a crop staple in most parts of the pagan world and processed foodstuffs like corn oil and cornmeal base material, bioenergy, cosmetic ingredients, in addition to the food needs of the livestock. For fodder corn crop fruit diselep/milled corn or entirely from the stem to the fruit as a source of carbohydrates.

Corn plants growing on low to high up to 1200 meters above sea level, requiring media ground clay, sandy loam soil, fertile, volcanic, loose soil, rich in organic material, require a minimum of 8 hours of sunlight per day temperature 20-33 degrees Celsius, rainfall, soil ph 5.5-7 with good drainage.

The first fertilizing is done when the plants mature corn fertilizer composition: 15hst, ZA 280kg/ha + SP 100 kg/ha + furadan 12 kg/ha. way of fertilizing with scattered in piles with soil, then do the watering.

Fertilization to 2 done at age 35hst fertilizer, composition: ZA 350kg/Phonska + 200kg/ha ha. Way of fertilizing fertilizing as in 1. Fertilizing fertilizing or 3rd cover performed at age 50 hst, fertilizer composition: 350kg/ha Urea + Phonska 180 kg/ha. Way of fertilizing fertilizing as in 1.

Pembubunan or ipuk do bersaman at the time of fertilization. There are 2 ways weed cleanup is by spraying herbicides to weeds Calaris 5-21hst, Gramoxon to 40hst age up, weed hesbisida suitable and how their use see on herbicides for corn plants and pendangiran on corn plants.

Preventive bundle on interest, namely the granting of furadan in insecticide leaves on corn plants kucup age 21hst and 40hst. Corn plant watering done on time after fertilization, and 2 weeks after fertilization.

Pest that attacks corn plants include: Caterpillar, Caterpillar grayak land, Caterpillar penggerek pods, his spray with insecticides: bulldog, spontaneous, To Caterpillar soil, sprinkle with the regent. tackling the pests more details see here

Diseases that attack plants: bulai, leaf spot, leaf blight, stem of rotten, rotten trunks. Pengendalianya spray with fungicide mankozeb, metalaksil, carbio.

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